Online Learning

In regards to online learning, the Teaching Support team’s goal is to help faculty become fully equipped to meet the needs of students, whether in traditional face-to-face courses, hybrid, or fully online. Teaching online has its own advantages- and challenges- and our main focus is to encourage faculty to use the most up-to-date pedagogical practices to create and foster a student-centered learning environment. We do this by offering individual consultations, presentations, and online teaching certification courses.

The next Introductory Course will be held every Wednesday beginning February 6, 2019 – March 6, 2019.

Online Teaching Certification Courses

To teach conventional online or hybrid classes at AU, faculty must successfully complete the CTRL course. Specialized programs (such as the Washington College of Law and the PMBA Program) and vendor-partnered degrees receive separate trainings.

We offer three different trainings:

  • Introductory Course

    The Introductory course builds a foundation for online content delivery. This course is for faculty who have not yet taught an online or hybrid course – but intend to in the near future. This five-week course focuses on pedagogy, syllabi, course design, and effective use of educational technology.

  • Just-in-Time Training

    The Just-in-Time training serves as a refresher course for those that have already taken the Introductory Course. Faculty who have successfully completed the Introductory Course are invited to attend this new one-day training opportunity that includes a full syllabus review.

  • Advanced Course

    The Advanced Course delves deeper into teaching online. This advanced course is limited to faculty who have successfully completed CTRL’s introductory online training class and who have subsequently taught in a hybrid or online environment. Participants will spend an estimated 10-20 hours fine-tuning their syllabi, working on student engagement strategies, and developing new technology skills that will take their courses to the next level.


Professors Are Certified to Teach Online

Particpant Testimonials

You were a great team and I’m genuinely looking forward to teaching this course online and continuing to develop my course. I’ve got a lot to learn but you’ve gotten me off the ground with it and I’m thankful!

Faculty ParticipantFall 2018 Introductory Course

This class is absolutely outstanding. I learned so much and I’m actually a bit sad the class is over. Thank you for a wonderful experience that I will think back on often as I develop my first online or hybrid course.

Faculty ParticipantSpring 2017 Introductory Course

I was just about to start my new online course and had been a year since I took the original online training course… I appreciated the opportunity t brush up on some online tools and it helped with my confidence starting the new course.

Faculty ParticipantMay 2016 Just-in-Time Course

Having done previous trainings, I enjoyed returning to this space where instructors (who are truly fabulous!) interacted with many of us who already have experience in working with a range of web tools for our content delivery. Being with colleagues who teach very different courses and varied sizes of classroom audiences made for interesting conversations across the board.

Faculty ParticipantWinter 2016 Advanced Training Course

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