Mobile Tool Review: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups allow instructors to facilitate a collaborative forum on a site that's already familiar to many students.
Twitter Bird Logo

Mobile Tool Review: Twitter

New Twitter users will be pleasantly surprised by how the tool can be seamlessly integrated into classroom lectures and other coursework.

Mobile Tool Review: Google Drive

Google Drive is flexible, easy to use, and excellent for collaboration.
Prezi Example

Mobile Tool Review: Prezi

Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that turns linear presentations into interactive, collaborative, and multi-linear narratives.
Piazza logo

Mobile Tool Review: Piazza

Piazza is more engaging, consistent, and provides more options to facilitate learning (both inside and outside the classroom) than the default Blackboard discussion board.
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Mobile Tool Review:

With a wide array of features and capabilities, WordPress is a great platform to use whether you are interested in starting a course blog or promoting your research (or both).

Mobile Tool Review: Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows anyone to gather instant feedback through multiple-choice and open-ended prompts.

Mobile Tool Review: Blackboard App

Blackboard's mobile app allows access to content from the Blackboard…

Mobile Tool Review: Piazza Mobile App

Piazza's mobile app links to a wiki-style discussion board forum…

Collaborative Research using Google Drive

If you think you know Google Drive, but haven’t used it for a few months or a year, you should check it out again – Google is continually adding features to Drive products.