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Mobile Tool Review: GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection

GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection app provides a low-cost and feature-rich alternative to other geographical information system (GIS) collection services and devices.

Mobile Tool Review: Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows anyone to gather instant feedback through multiple-choice and open-ended prompts.

Data Visualize Your Life With

I admit, this is probably not 100% related your research, but this is totally related to another great data visualization tool that is available on the web, especially if you are a social media junkie like me.  That is my … Continue reading

Three Easy Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About Pie Charts in Excel

You’ve probably used Excel a lot, especially when cleaning up your data and making little bar and pie charts here and there when you need to.  If you need a quick pie chart, and you don’t spend any time trying … Continue reading

Four (Free) Online GIS Programs

Need a GIS program but don’t have access to ArcGIS for Desktop? Check out four GIS programs available online. You can be using mapping software within minutes! Why GIS? A GIS (geographic information system) allows you to study relationships between … Continue reading

Fast Data Visualization with Wolfram Alpha Pro

A while back, we introduced a really neat website called Wolfram Alpha, an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It’s an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data. Wolfram Alpha was amazing before, … Continue reading

Fall in love with SPSS again: Mapping in SPSS 20

SPSS manages to keep their throne as the most widely-used statistical analysis software in social science. They have outdone themselves, yet again, with SPSS 20. The Maps feature is at the forefront of the collection of new updates in this … Continue reading

PSPP: SPSS’s Alter Ego

You’re considering getting your own copy of SPSS on your personal computer and you begin to browse for the program online (although if you have an AU-owned computer, you can just get it installed from us).  You want more than … Continue reading

See how “Information is Beautiful”

Recently this blog has focused a lot on how you can use various data visualization tools for your research projects. We’re still dedicated to promoting how data visualization can enhance your research.  While data can look good in words or … Continue reading