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Google Drive: Docs, and Spreadsheets, and So Much More!

Written by: Evan Sanderson Google Drive isn’t just a great…
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Wordpress: Making Blog Building Easy

Written by: Evan Sanderson Let’s reveal a little secret--all…
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Prezi: Put A Little Zing In Your Lecture

Written by: Evan Sanderson If placing slide after slide is…
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Google Forms: Making Your Life Easier, One Form at a Time

Written by: Evan Sanderson You’re standing in front of class,…
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Video is Worth A Whole Bunch of Words

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth…
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SPSS Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Need some last-last-minute help with SPSS? California State University, Los Angeles, has a great YouTube channel that has several videos on how to use SPSS.  There are videos on how to download data files, define variables, entering data, and how to … Continue reading

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Statistics Video Tutorials (and more!) with The Khan Academy

Misplaced all of your statistics knowledge? Forgot which mental filing cabinet you stored everything you learned last year in the statistics class you aced (because you got help from the SSRL?). Or maybe all of your statistics books and notes … Continue reading

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Why Lynda can be your best friend

Have you met our good friend Lynda? Her face is one you can’t miss…she sort of looks like MTV’s cartoon character Daria with her best friend Jane’s haircut. She can help you learn most of the leading software out there … Continue reading