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The Rewards & Perils of Teamwork: Can It Be Taught?

This panel brings together multidisciplinary perspectives—from economics, sociology, business, and public administration—to discuss how educators can successfully bring into the classroom the varying real-world work contexts, incentive systems, and notions of fairness and justice that motivate successful teamwork.
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Encouraging Discussion, Participation, and Enthusiasm in Class

This interactive conversation provides an opportunity to learn various techniques and ideas for encouraging students to participate more in class discussions, and to be more enthusiastic and motivated.
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Creating an Inclusive Classroom for Introverts, Ambiverts, and Extroverts

This panel of faculty and students discusses strategies for making the classroom inclusive to introverts (as well as ambiverts and extroverts).
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Pedagogical Strategies for Fostering Inclusivity that Radiates beyond the Classroom

This session offers strategies for leading in-class discussions that are mindful of power, privilege, and racial, ethnic, gender and cultural considerations.
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Supporting Student Engagement and Risk-Taking in the Classroom

In this session panelists will share how they create a classroom environment that connects students to each other and where students feel safe and supported, and as a consequence, are willing to take risks and be vulnerable.
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Education Web Tools to Use in Your Classroom

Web tools can be a vibrant supplement to lectures or assignments…
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Anki: The intelligent way to memorize

The Monthly App-etizer is CTRL’s regular feature where we talk…

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Ten Take-Aways: Selecting Course Materials

There are many factors to consider when selecting course materials: the rising cost of textbooks, the availability of online resources, lab and supply fees for certain courses, and how students will access multimedia materials.
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Ten Take-Aways: Crafting a Course Syllabus

Course syllabi serve many functions, such as enumerating topics that will be covered; listing readings, assignments, and due dates; describing the grading system; and articulating class attendance policies.
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Ten Take-Aways: The First Day of Class

The first day of class is your opportunity to show students what this course will be like: how you teach, how you expect class members to interact, and the content you will cover.