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Google Drive: Docs, and Spreadsheets, and So Much More!

Written by: Evan Sanderson Google Drive isn’t just a great…
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Google Forms: Making Your Life Easier, One Form at a Time

Written by: Evan Sanderson You’re standing in front of class,…
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Video is Worth A Whole Bunch of Words

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth…

Mobile Tool Review: Google Drive

Google Drive is flexible, easy to use, and excellent for collaboration.

Collaborative Research using Google Drive

If you think you know Google Drive, but haven’t used it for a few months or a year, you should check it out again – Google is continually adding features to Drive products.

How to make many placemarks at the same time on Google Earth

If you are familiar with Google Earth, you know that making placemarks and editing bubbles can actually be fun once you get the hang of creating them. However, when you have 50+ placemarks to create in your layer, you don’t … Continue reading

Creating a Chart in Google Docs

Step away from Excel for a few minutes and marvel at the chart building possibilities available on Google Docs. If you have a Google account (and if you’re an AU student, of course you do), log into your Google account … Continue reading

How to build fancier bubbles in Google Earth

In Google Earth, you figured out how to create place marks and create descriptions to go in the little bubble that appears after you hover over them.  But for some reason, the bubbles don’t look fancy enough to you. How … Continue reading

Use Google Fusion Tables to Visualize Data

Many of us already know the perks of having a Google account: checking email, sharing documents, and chatting with friends, of course! In addition to the many wonders that a Google account can give you access to, you can also … Continue reading

Google Earth Pro now available in Hurst lab

The Hurst lab gained a new addition to the family of supported software! Google Earth Pro, an upgraded version of the traditional Google Earth, is now available as a specialty program on one of our machines. Just look for the … Continue reading