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Google Drive: Docs, and Spreadsheets, and So Much More!

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Written by: Evan Sanderson

Google Drive isn’t just a great way to organize your personal documents and spreadsheets; it can be an extremely effective tool for the classroom as well! Drive includes a document editor, a spreadsheet creator, a form aggregator, as well as several other tools. Each of these tools synch to the cloud and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection (and through any device).

Want to have students submit a paper to an online drive? Need a way of collecting student information? Have an spreadsheet that needs editing, but you don’t have your personal laptop on you? Google Drive can help with all of those issues and more!

To learn more, watch CTRL’s video on Google Drive here:

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Prezi: Put A Little Zing In Your Lecture

Prezi Logo

Written by: Evan Sanderson

If placing slide after slide is starting to give you nightmares, we may just have the answer to your PowerPoint fatigue. Introducing Prezi ( a virtual canvas that allows you to deliver content in an interesting, new way. Instead of moving on a linear track (a la PowerPoint), Prezi allows user to zoom around between different pieces of content.

The idea behind this is to incorporate multimedia content in a more engaging manner. Not only does Prezi allow you to think outside the box when it comes to presentations, it also gives out free academic accounts for students and faculty. Just use your AU email address to register!

To learn more, watch CTRL’s video on Prezi here:


Zoom Into a New Way to Present Info with Prezi

When it’s time  to make a presentation for class and you need to have visuals to support your ideas, you’re likely to turn to PowerPoint. Right? Of course, what else is out there?

There is another interesting option available called Prezi.  It’s a cloud-based presentation software for sharing ideas on a virtual canvas. It will allow you to command the transition of your information in a whole new way that you wouldn’t get from a usual PowerPoint presentation. (Plus it’s a good way to keep your audience awake!) Prezi is distinguished by its zooming user interface that allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media.

Take a look at some example presentations on Prezi’s website. You’ll be blown away and wonder how you can make such a complicated-looking presentation, but really, it is very easy to get started and organize the hierarchy of your information.

Things to know before you get started: You can sign up for 100 MB for free, but for more, you’ll have to pay. (You can definitely get a lot done with the free option!).  You can upload the images and text that you will need for your presentation onto the Prezi canvas. Also, since this is a cloud-based software, you will need connection to the internet when you present this from your computer. If you’re working with a group, you can also invite them through Prezi to work with you.  You can learn more about how it’s done here.

Impress your friends with a Prezi presentation!