The Chronicle’s 2013 Tech Innovators

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The Chronicle of Higher Education profiled ten key innovators that are “rebooting the academy.” From The Idea Makers:

What are the biggest ideas in education technology this year, and who’s driving them? For the second year in a row, The Chronicle has identified a group of key innovators who are rebooting the academy, and we’ve profiled 10 of them on the pages that follow. This is not an endorsement of their projects: In some cases, the subjects of the profiles disagree with one another on how best to change higher education. But all of the people you’ll meet here think technology could break established molds and help students learn more effectively, researchers make discoveries more easily, and colleges operate more efficiently. Earlier this year we invited readers and higher-education leaders to submit their nominations for this project, and we received more than 125 entries. Ultimately, the selections were made by a group of Chronicle editors and reporters, with a goal of considering innovators in various sectors.

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11th Digital Future Project Report

The USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future sent out a press release detailing the results of a project that explored the behaviors of both Internet users and non-users.

From their release:

The longest-running study of its kind, this year’s project includes findings on more than 180 subjects in five major subject areas that explore the views and behavior of Internet users and non-users.

The 2013 report features new questions about negative online attention (bullying, harassment, and unwanted sexual attention), the impact of mobile devices, and a closer examination of the “Millennial Rift” — the vast differences between how Millennials (age 18-34) and non-Millennials use online sites and services.