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Pedagogy’s Digital Swiss Army Knife: Explain Everything

Explain Everything draws from a range of educational technologies…
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Examining Classroom Dynamics: Responding to Students

Written by: Lindsay Murphy On Tuesday September 21, CTRL hosted…

3 Tools for Facilitating Discussion Outside of Class: Piazza, Basecamp, and Slack

Written By: Emily Crawford Getting students to participate…

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Ten Take-Aways: Facilitating Class Discussions and Navigating Difficult Conversations

There is an art to leading discussions in class that begins by considering your Student Learning Outcomes.
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Ten Take-Aways: Mid-Semester Feedback Surveys

Asking students to provide course feedback at mid-semester provides an opportunity to assess their learning, to think about your teaching strategies, and to consider adjustments to course content, format, and assessment.
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Ten Take-Aways: Providing Meaningful Feedback

Feedback to students can take many forms, including suggestions for improving written drafts, comments on final submissions, grades on exams, and comments on oral presentations.
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Ten Take-Aways: Evaluating Learning

Determining how you will grade student work and provide meaningful feedback begins with defining your evaluation criteria.