Upcoming Events

Teaching Portfolio Workshop: Developing your Teaching Philosophy Statement

Thursday | January 27 | 11:20am – 12:35pm EST

Erin Horan (CTRL) & Hannah Jardine (CTRL)

Teaching philosophy statements are written products that typically describe what, how, and why you teach. For example, are you teaching at AU because you want to serve as a mentor to students like you? Do you find purpose in your field and want to impart that same sense of purpose into your students? There are a variety of formats and techniques to approach a teaching philosophy statement. This workshop will include a series of prompts, discussions, and activities to guide your thinking as you develop or revise your own teaching philosophy statement.

Returning to In-Person Instruction: An Open Discussion for Adjunct Faculty

Thursday | January 27 | 7:00pm – 8:00pm EST

All adjunct faculty are invited to join CTRL to check in about the return to in-person teaching after these first few remote weeks and get feedback on any concerns or challenges you may have. During this open discussion, we will make space for you to share your questions and experiences about student engagement and wellbeing, technology tools and Canvas, and teaching-related logistics.

Begin Class with Engagement: Implementing Meaningful Warm-up Activities

Tuesday | February 8 | 2:30pm – 3:45pm EST

Hannah Jardine (CTRL)

Are you looking for ways to boost student participation and deepen student learning during your class sessions, in-person or remote? Join us to discuss how to use the opening minutes of class to engage students in meaningful learning. This session will provide you with a variety of ideas for effective warm-up activities and provide you with the space and guidance to start developing warm-ups that you can implement in your courses.

Preparing to Collect Midsemester Feedback from Students

Wednesday | February 23 | 11:20am – 12:35pm EST

Iana Amiscaray (CTRL), Gavin Frome (CTRL) & Erin Horan (CTRL)

Many faculty are familiar with receiving student feedback at the end of a course through Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs). Collecting student feedback during the semester is an excellent way to apply feedback from current students to their current course. This workshop will focus on strategies to support you in collecting feedback from your students.