Donation information

We ask for a donation of $100 per student for the semester to help us keep the program running, but this is optional. We will not turn away any student for financial reasons.  Here are two ways to make a donation:
  • Donate online via this link.  You’ll see a field entitled:  “If you choose to support a fund(s) not listed above, please specify here.”  Fill in “DC Math Circle”.
  • Bring a check to the session.  Make it out to “American University, College of Arts and Sciences”.  On the memo line, write “Dean’s Fund, DC Math Circle”.

Admission update

We’ve sent an e-mail today to students who are enrolled! If you completed the second Google survey and received an email confirming enrollment, then your child is in. If you didn’t receive an e-mail (and check your spam just in case), it doesn’t mean that your child won’t be admitted later in the semester – only that we’ve reached capacity for now. If this changes, we’ll let you know.