Annotated Bib 3-7

Annotated Bib 3-7

(NOTE: I tried to format my bibliography the correct way, and it shows up correctly when I edit it, however it changes once I publish it.  I do not know how to remedy this issue.)

3.) Chism, Kitty. “ANC Action.” The Washington Post, 19 July 1984, pg. DC4. Proquest,

This article provided some interesting information about my site from 1984.  During this time, my site was the home of Steve’s Ice Cream Parlor.  The article is a notice from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission informing the public of about a meeting to discuss something known as “Operation Brightside.”  This “Operation’s” purpose is to “…beef up city enforcement of its building code.”  The article then goes on to discuss the different sites the committee will discuss.  The article describes Steve’s Ice Cream Parlor as “newly opened.”  Unfortunately, members of the public were unhappy because the restaurant had “…never been approved by the city’s public space committee.”  I found this article interesting and useful because it describes a previous use of my site.  I would like to know how Steve’s Ice Cream Parlor was impacted by the meeting.  

4.) Nicholls, Walter. “Foraging: Hearty Foods for Lovers.” The Washington Post, 8 February
             1995,  pg. E9. Proquest,

This was another Washington Post article that detailed another previous use of my site.  During this time, my site was home to Marvelous Market.  I would like to find more information about what exactly Marvelous Market was, and what role in played in the neighborhood of Dupont.  The article itself just outlines all the best spots to eat in the opinion of the author.  Other than providing some “jump-off” information about Marvelous Market, the article is not that significant.

5.) Stevenson, Douglas. “Food Establishments Closed for Health Code Violations.” The
             Washington Post, 2 June 1985, pg. B9. Proquest,

I found this article to be particularly interesting because it detailed the closing of Steve’s Ice Cream Parlor.  The ice cream spot apparently failed its health inspection due to “ineffective roach control, no soap or towels at hand basin, unsanitary food service areas…” etc.  I would like to be able to use this source to talk about the history of my spot, and how it has changed over the years.  I would also like to find out what lead to such disarray at the ice cream spot.  I believe that the changing role of my location may echo the changes seen in Dupont Circle over the years.  Clearly the establishments that make up a neighborhood have an impact on the overall vibe of said neighborhood.

6.) Yorke, Jeffrey. “A Few Humble Suggestions to Help Cooler Heads Prevail.” The Washington
             Post, 5 August 1983.



This article is a piece that basically outlines all of the great places to get ice cream on a hot day.  The author uses the phrase “Washington veterans” to invoke a feeling of trust in the reader about his suggestions.  This phrase tells the reader that the author knows what he is talking about because he is thinking like a local.  In terms of how I will use this article, I hope to use it to bolster my information about Steve’s Ice Cream Parlor, and what its role was at my sight in the early to mid 1980’s.  

7.) Kristin, Eddy. “Bread to be Simply Marvelous: A New Market Lures a Crowd.” The
              Washington Post, 19 September 1990, pg. E1. Proquest,



This article describes what Marvelous Market is, and is basically an advertisement for it.  It includes feedback from satisfied customers who rave about the “crusty bread.”  The article was written only a couple months after the Market opened, yet it is filled with outstanding  reviews about the spot.  I hope to use this article to describe the role Marvelous Market played in Dupont Circle, and what it contributed to the neighborhood.  I would also like to find out why Marvelous Market closed, and what happened to the building between its closing and the opening of BGR.

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