About Me

Divya Sahni is a student at American University studying International Studies with a focus on International Political Economy. She is a global trotter: originally hailing from New Delhi, India and now based in Washington D.C. She keenly tracks the disparate effects of globalization in the world: as a citizen of a developing country, she strongly believes that increases in investment, trade and migration through enhanced cross-border flows have allowed many individuals across the world to climb out of poverty and attain better living standards. Her research focuses on topics such as how to better ‘manage’ globalization as well as the effects of demographic changes (such as an increasingly aging population/demographic dividend) on labor productivity.

During her last 4 years in Washington D.C., she has immersed herself in various professional roles to understand different ideologies and get exposure to job opportunities. She has previously worked at think tanks, U.S Chamber of Commerce and private research and technology companies. Through these engaging internships, she has nurtured critical research, writing and event planning skills. Undoubtedly, her world view and knowledge have substantially increased during her time as a university student.

Besides International Relations, Divya spends majority of her time researching, preparing and writing about food. She believes that food is an essential component to ensure the physical and mental well-being of a human being. Besides that, she is interested in the sourcing and production of food. She is currently operating the social media channels and blog for a Chai Café based in Dupont Circle.