5 Tips For Acing The LCSW Exam

A person who has worked as a social worker, can add an additional qualification by taking the Licensed Clinical Social Worker Exam (abbreviated as the LCSW). This will enhance the career opportunities available to them and often their income. However, like all exams it is necessary to prepare for the LCSW in the right way. Social workers should be aware of the fact that this exam largely tests the theoretical aspects of social work. So, though a person who is eligible to take the LCSW has already completed thousands of hours of social work, these LCSW prep tips will help in passing the exam.

1. Use the best study method for you

While studying for an exam, a person should understand the various concepts and also memorize data. The best method for studying for the exam will vary depending on the person. Some people remember better by watching videos, while others prefer to rewrite what they have read to remember it. It is important for a person to find out the most efficient method for studying for themselves and use this method to complete the study material. Study groups, quizzes, and flash cards are some of the other techniques used for exam preparation.

2. Focus on the theoretical aspects

Though the person who is appearing for the LCSW exam has many hours of practical experience, it is important to focus on the theoretical aspects of social work for the exam. The solutions which are implemented in real life for solving emotional and mental health problems are often not acceptable for the exam. The right answers should be those suggested by the recommended textbook for the exam. Usually the conservative solutions are preferred and approved by the examiners, and those taking the LCSW should realize this.

3. The importance of remembering data

Social workers taking the LCSW exam should be aware of the fact that this exam mainly tests the memorization skills of the person, and their ability to remember data. The licensing committee for the exam wishes to check the candidate’s knowledge of the theoretical principles and practice of social work. Hence, even if a person fails in their first attempt, they should not feel disappointed because this is not a measure of their effectiveness as a social worker. It only means that they have to improve their memorization skills.

4. The exam answers may not be practically correct

It is important to understand that in real life most social workers will not find that the answers are practically correct. So, the person taking the exam should understand the kind of answers the examiners are looking for and prepare their answers accordingly. This is the time in which hiring an LCSW prep tutor may be helpful, as they will know what kind of answers the examiners are looking for.

5. You got this

Those who take this exam should be aware of the fact that being eligible for the exam itself indicates that they are extremely proficient in social work. Only those who have completed 100 hours of supervised practice, and more than 300 hours of clinical practice can take the exam. In other words, they would not be able to do so if they have not already been doing very well. The exam is only a formality to be completed and they should feel confident about how far they’ve already come.

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