Does Standing Desks in Classrooms Encourage Students to Learn?

Advancing technology makes every activity convenient for us humans which in turn replaces how things were done in previous days. In earlier days, people had to do a lot of activity physically like paying bills, posting emails, getting grocery from shops, etc. Modern day technology has made it possible to do all the above just by the click of a button on the phone, though convenient, the easy way of doing things is making humans more lethargic.

Kids are also not safe from the adverse effects of increased use of technology. Earlier days, you could see kids active the entire day, running around playing but nowadays we see most of them hooked on to their smartphones watching a video or playing some game. This reduction in physical activity has increased child obesity across the world. Hence certain schools have made it an agenda to take matters into their own hands regarding their students health by introducing standing desks.

The first school to replace all sitting desks with a standing desk in the US is the Vallecito Elementary in San Rafael-San Francisco. While this one school has understood the benefits of the standing desk, many other schools have partially adapted to this concept and a few others are contemplating the benefits.

We have discussed some of the benefits of using a standing desk for students below;

Standing Desk Increases Engagement

Introducing a sit-stand desk can create flexible seating options by allowing students to choose from sit, stand or kneel. The continuous change in position keeps the body active and stimulates the brain which leads to more attention to the class and better engagement. The simulated brain can concentrate more which leads to remembering more content of the lecture.

Standing to Eliminate Obesity:

Too much sitting leads to a sedentary lifestyle which is extremely damaging for young students and can cause serious health implications. Too much sitting has known to be the root cause of obesity in children which is dangerous as young students are prone to many medical conditions due to excess body weight. Unfortunately, in such a young age, students hardly understand the harm they are doing to themselves by not controlling their weight. Just hitting the gym or walking is also not going to help as an hour of strenuous workout cannot negate the negative of all day sitting.

A standing desk can keep the student on feet most of the day, in turn, increasing the student’s activity which can help manage the weight and help the student to avoid risks of other health ailments.

Standing Desk Leads to Better Grades

Studies have shown that students in a sedentary classroom have more chances to fail than those engaged in an active classroom. Read this for more info.

As the name itself suggests, active learning encourages alert and engaged students hence the learning capacity of the child increases due to the stimulated mind which increases their chances to score more in exams.

The budget may be a challenge to many schools as investing in standing desks is a large expense, but the outcome really makes each penny spent worth as investing in making students education better is always an investment in the future of a nation and the world.

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