How to control your kids when you are not with them

Parenting is 24/7 job, you have to be very possessive, alert and concerned all the time. We generally assume that parents are concerned. They are but today’s hustle has distracted them.

Parenting effects the personalities of our kids, who are going to be a part of the society soon. Various day care centers claim to be the perfect place to leave your kids but not everyone is a loyal and honest person you can hand over your kid to, thus the confusion and stress still remains in your head pinching you all day long. Although you can use some gadgets to help you out such as Fami safe or some security cameras simply.

It will be the most horrible thing if you will teach to your kids about the supply of gifts, rewards or any material thing after a kind/good act. Why? Here is the answer :

Now whenever I mention this, a lot of women specially ask me about the issue with this technique. They say that it is the most effective technique for teaching their kids a lesson.

I agree, it would definitely effect your kid’s performance but, it will harm his moral values. This technique will be a danger for the ethics and code of conduct.

Telling your kids that every good act will lead to a reward will make them anxious and greedy. They will ask for a reward even form the strangers. This can be risky, your kid will be liable of getting trapped if someone would offer them a candy or something as a reward for going with them.

Over possessive parents can even destroy their kid’s personality. They would not be able to make decisions. Their life will be like a puppet.

In this article I will explain some methods for controlling your kids in a very effective and polite way. You might not agree with each option but some of these might help you to improve the behavior of your beloved kid.

  • Having a deep conversation with your kid

Whenever you are about to leave your house make sure that you spent at least 15 minutes with your kid. This will make them feel happy and important.

Most of the times the only reason for severe rebellion is the disgusting feeling of missing out or neglected. Your kid will not say it loud but you have to understand just as you have got your spouse around you and his attention serves to be the best thing for you. Similarly, you are the only immediate person to your kid with whom he want to share everything and every feelings.

You will have to spend some time with them before you move out for your work. Make a plan about your topic. You must tell your kid to behave because it will make the parents happy. This will also augment the strength of your bond with your kid.

  • Do not threaten them

If you are having more than one kid then never ever do this. Why? You never know if your kid is frustrated over some issue and can take some bad steps.

You must not tell them about the material consequences. Instead, tell them that it will make them regretful which will make them think about themselves.

If you would threaten them they might learn this tactic and would end up being a bully. This is how you would be destroying the personality of your beloved kid. He would apply this to every other person, who will not listen to him.

And guess what if he will not listen to you, as a result he will start hiding things to you. So you ought not to follow it.

  • Telling them the results

This will be a realistic warning. You would not get anywhere if you will only tell them what would happen if they will do something. Instead it will make them curious if you are telling the truth or not. They will try to find out on their own. So never let them stay curious and alone.

  • Using accessories

There might be a number of software available for parenting but, I have got a very cheap and affordable option.

You can use security cameras, tell your kid that there is a security camera with two way audio system. this will help you for checking your kids from any remote location, never ever hide this fact form your kids that he is being monitored. Tell them that it is for the safety.

You can place this camera on different locations where there is a need for checking on like in kitchen or doorways. Any place where you do not want your kid to go.


Your parenting style can effect your kids. It does not matter if you are around your kid 24/7. The only thing matters specially for kids is time and quality family meet ups. Never ever let them stay away from your parents which are the source of wisdom.

You can not rely on just your styles. Family and family background effects the brought up. Secondly, you have to make sure that you have never underestimate your kid. Listen to them when you come home, tell them some facts about things which you do not want them to do. You can use various gadgets but you never know that your kid has become very smart and can fool you, so you have to be a smart parent as well.

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