How to Use Your Skills to Earn Extra Income on the Side

Having one job simply isn’t enough for many Americans. In fact, it’s estimated that 44 million Americans currently earn extra income on the side, and many of these hardworking hustlers are between the ages of 18 to 26. These adults are working in a wide variety of side jobs, including selling handcrafted goods online, offering consulting services, and everything in between.

Although many people pick up extra work in order to make ends meet, a lot of younger adults work on the side to explore their interests or gain experience. The best way to participate in this trend is to identify your area of expertise and then figure out how to sell your skills to others. Here are some ideas:

Write An Informational E-Book

The days of sending in manuscripts to publishers are over. Anyone who is willing to write an e-book can be a published author in today’s world—including you. First, take the time to put together an informative and interesting e-book on your area of expertise. For example, a finance expert could write an e-book on how to raise your credit score after graduating college. A nutrition expert could write an e-book on cutting sugar out of your diet. Once the book has been written, use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service to transform your content into an e-book. This tool allows authors all over the world to publish their work and sell it directly to consumers on Amazon.

Work As A Freelancer

Many companies hire freelancers for graphic design, content writing and other services. If you are eager to start earning extra cash on the side, consider becoming a freelancer in one of these desirable fields. Connect with clients on websites such as UpWork, Fiverr, Craigslist, and College Recruiter. You can even search for Facebook groups that are designed to connect freelancers with clients around the world. Thanks to these tools, finding the work isn’t hard.

As a freelancer, you can set your own rates, handpick your clients, and work whatever hours you desire. Because it offers so much flexibility, freelance work is perfect for people with packed schedules who are looking for a side hustle.


Tutor Students

Living on or near a college campus means you are in close proximity to hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of students who need help in one area or another. Take advantage of this opportunity by tutoring students in subjects you excel in. Start by visiting the academic services office on campus to find out if you can sign up as a tutor on campus. If the school does not offer tutoring, you can advertise your tutoring services on popular apps such as Varsity Tutors or Wyzant. As long as you choose a field you’re comfortable in, tutoring will be a breeze. Plus, you will get the added bonus of meeting new friendly faces on campus.

These are some of the countless ways you can use your existing skill set to earn more money on the side. Let these ideas inspire you to pick up a side hustle so you can start seeing extra money flowing into your bank account!

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