Taking Online Courses vs. Classroom

Online courses are much better than classroom classes for people who are working full-time or pre-occupied with something else, such as graduating from a regular college. But, classroom classes are traditional and definitely enhance concentration levels, don’t you agree? They also give you an opportunity to interact with professors one-on-one. Contradictory thoughts, but both have benefits as well as, disadvantages. So, how do you decide which is better, or rather which is more apt for you?

When it comes to restoration, it is a laborious job and requires handling and observing physical things than using brainpower. It requires perfection and speed. In short, it is a manual work and less of a computer, desk-based job. So, do you think online restoration classes can justify the practical sessions that restoration work requires?

Yes it can, depends on where you study the course.

Why You Can Pursue a Restoration Career?

With the global warming effects worrying us, restoration and cleaning have become a very demanding job line. Restoration professionals are being called in flood-hit areas more often than not. And studying a restoration course online while pursuing your mainstream job will only help you boost your career further. In fact, with the right institute and practical knowledge, you can shift from your current not-so-happening career to a well-thriving, well-paying restoration expert job.

Online Restoration Classes

This is the tricky part. This is tricky because not all online classes are worth the effort and even qualifying.

If you are changing your career or planning to enroll in a restoration course, this will help you:

All restoration certification courses must be accredited by IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). The institute was developed to provide the highest quality concepts, technologies, and procedures for the cleaning and restoration industry.

Therefore, in order to qualify as a licensed, trained restoration professional, you must clear the IIRCR certification course and become an IICRC certified technician.

The IICRC has laid down several guidelines for restoration institutions to become qualified to provide certified courses. The online institution you choose must offer training as per IICRC standards.

There are only a handful of institutes in the area which offer distance learning options for cleaning and restoration professionals. And, among them, only one or two is accredited by IICRC training modules.

Online vs Classroom Restoration Courses

Online training courses for restoration and cleaning comes with a major advantage – they train to qualify you for the 14 credit hours or CECs required maintaining IICRC certification.

You can enroll in the web-based training programs at the comforts of your home to prepare for ‘live’ IICRC or RIA-approved certification courses.

Live IICRC policy states that in order to get the prestigious certifications, technicians must attend ‘live’ course training with complete audio/visual instructions and hands-on demonstrations.

While computerized courses do not offer these, however, they are beneficial in maintaining IICRC certifications.

On the other hand, a classroom IICRC training course will provide you with the required theory as well as on-field practical knowledge and help you qualify for the certification examinations.

While they are genuinely effective, classroom courses are expensive and may not be feasible for everyone wanting to become a restoration technician.

What the online restoration offers

A reputed online restoration institute will offer the following classes:

  • Fire and smoke restoration (processing claims, structural restoration, damage control, and content restoration)
  • Water damage restoration (mold detection, water penetration detection, and damage control)
  • Principle methods of carpet cleaning
  • Drying and cleaning
  • Natural fiber cleaning
  • Mold growth and microbial contamination remediation (discarding contaminated items, etc.)

Online training courses for restoration are great for brushing up the technicalities and learning the latest methods in cleaning and restoring, apart from learning the course for IICRC certification examination.

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