The foolproof trips to maintaining a positive approach to sleep

When it comes to our approach to health and wellness, it would be more than fair to say that there has been an overwhelmingly present surge in interest and research as of late. In fact, in recent years the amount of research and consequential studies that have backed up all the benefits and inherent advantages of sleep and its links to overall health, have been growing at an exceedingly exponential rate. It goes without saying that sleep has blossomed and flourished into a multi-billion-dollar industry that spans the entire globe, and at the heart of that industry boom is the realization that we must be focusing more closely on sleep.

Our overall health literally depends on it. But how exactly can we do that? What are the key strategies that have proven themselves over time and again to be overwhelmingly successful across the board? What are the three most common tips and tricks to help one get their sleeping habits back on track?

Consider replacing your mattress

For some people, all it takes is investing in a new bed to change the tides. While sometimes solving the issue of unhealthy sleeping habits is a trial and error process that takes more time than one might ultimately prefer, for others it can be something as seemingly simple as a mattress change. It is a fact that over time, mattresses take on a lot of wear and tear, and sometimes all this use equates to them needing to be replaced by a younger, healthier, spritely version of their former selves – or even, in some cases, an entirely new type of mattress.


Keep electronics away from the bed

There is something intriguing about our obsession with staying connected. Ironically, this obsession has actually created a collective push back against natural moments throughout the day (including, obviously, the routine of going to sleep and waking up). When it comes to getting the right amount of sleep, having a phone or tablet sitting on one’s bedside table is a temptation that, if yielded to, switches on all the lights in the brain one was trying to relax. This creates an internal ‘On’ switch that can be difficult to turn off in due time. So, to get a good night’s sleep, keep off the phone at night. Better yet, do not have your phone near you when you are trying to sleep.

Use essential oils and listen to calming music

Our sleeping patterns can (and often do) have a phenomenally strong impact on our mental health and stability. Our senses are intrinsically – interestingly – linked to one another, and so seemingly simple actions like turning on calming music (the sounds of rain or whale songs, for example) and using calming essential oil blends (think lavender, rosemary, and rose, to name a few of the most popular scents) can help you to switch the mind off when it is time to get some sleep. This makes it easier for you to function properly and at your best.

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