The global multi-billion-dollar industry that revolves around sleep

Today, we live in a world where we are positively surrounded by and immersed in the latest studies and countless research on our health, and never has it been such a prominent priority of ours. People are more invested in their health and wellbeing than ever before, and they are quite literally paying for it. There is an influx of interest in our health and what we can all do to ensure that we are living our healthiest lives and giving our bodies the best chance to be at their healthiest. This includes, most recently, our fascination with sleep.

In recent years, there has been rising interest in sleep and how it affects our health, and this has resulted in surging popularity in sleep-related industries, including the mattress industry. This is a global sector that has consistently proven its value over the years, but never has it been as popular as it is right now. Mattresses are a basic necessity in the western world, as well as much of the rest of the world, and now thanks to countless studies and new information surrounding the impact mattress quality has on one’s sleep, the industry is booming, in every sense of the word.

The rising annual value of the mattress industry

The mattress industry amasses a massive $27 billion globally a year. This is a considerable sum by any means, but it is especially impressive when one considers the fact that it is a number that continues to rise with each new year. This is an industry that has always been something of a pillar industry, but now we are becoming more aware and educated about exactly how sleep impacts our health, and people are buying mattresses more than ever in a bid to increase, and hopefully peak, their quality of sleep.

The growing global population creates surging demand

The 2019 mattress industry is one that is set to continue to grow for the foreseeable future, thanks to the rising global population. It is a known fact that the human population is growing little by little every year. People are more invested than ever in the growth of their families, and the flipside of that coin is that there is also a growing demand for mattresses to ensure comfortable sleep for those families and individuals.

The surging interest in mattresses and sleep-related products

The mattress industry is built around a multitude of sleep-related contributing factors, and mattresses are at the heart of that industry. more than ever, there is the inherent realisation that mattresses are the epitome of comfort and quality, and people should be doing the legwork to ensure that their mattress meats the standards. This is a world that is now positively dominated by self-care, and mattresses just so happen to be the centre of that (rightful) fixation. The surging interest in sleep and, in turn, the mattress industry, is something that will likely continue to fuel the sector for years to come (if not forever and a day).

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