The significance of online assessment for a better hire

Online assessment is taking its roots in the recruitment sector nowadays. Online pre-assessment tests help recruiters identify suitable candidates for respective job positions. Talent assessments help predict a prospective employee’s on-job performance. Let us now understand the significance of online assessment in the recruitment sector.

The benefits of online assessment

Understanding and implementing online assessment programs enhance the performance of a team of employees and bring efficiency to the recruitment process. Reports and data support the results. However, it is not sacrosanct that only candidates passing screening tests are eligible for hire.

Today, almost 94% of recruiters use online marketing channels for recruitment. Employers who used social media marketing witnessed a 49% improvement in recruitment quality compared to candidates who were sourced through conventional recruitment channels. Below I am listing various advantages of using online assessment tools for better hiring:

  • Easy Application Tracking

The application tracking tools, along with other online assessment tools makes a recruiter’s daily task easy. It tracks and monitors innumerable applicants letting you choose from the filtered results.

  • Less room for a bad hire

Every recruiter knows that a rotten egg ruins the lot. Online assessment tests keep the probability of hiring unsuitable candidates to a bare minimum. It reduces the risk of hiring unfit candidates by 60%. Hence, many productive hours are saved. A recruiter does not have to go through an endless number of candidates.


  • Legal issues with hiring

Online assessment software is automated and objective oriented. The tools and tests do not allow for personal bias towards a candidate, from recruiters end. Such a feature ensures a risk-free and stresses free recruitment process. It dramatically reduces the chance of any legal risks or lawsuits which may arise due to any kind of bias towards candidate.

  • Reach out to candidates on their channel of choice

One of the biggest problems faced by every recruiter is to reach out to the vast number of candidates out there and apple-pick the most suitable ones. The ocean of candidates is expanding day by day. Hence, keeping a tab on the endless applicants is getting close to impossible.

This is where online assessment software comes into place, online assessment software can assess candidate’s knowledge anywhere everywhere, it only requires candidates to have an internet connection only.

Theses software’s provides recruiters with comprehensive analytics to help them select the best candidates possible and 100’s of hours.

  • Comprehensive test analysis

The best way to evaluate a candidate’s performance potential is through measurable results. Sophisticated algorithms and data science are used in a way to quickly make sense of data when it comes to shortlisting candidates. Online assessment tools allow you to use such data analysis to hire candidates suitable for desired job.

  • No chance for human error

There is no chance to make errors in such a competitive world. There are delicate situations where a hiring error can cost an organization a hefty price, in terms of time and money. Automating a human handled process eliminates the chance of such a mistake. Pre-employment skill tests help you find a suitable fit for your job posts by matching the right candidate with your job profile. Such a feature increases productivity and decreases total employee turnover to a large extent. One of the handiest features of the tool is the automated grading process, which objectively assesses all scores and provides results free of any error.

An online assessment tool is a cost-effective and simplistic, valid, and reliable way to hunt down top-level talent. An organization willing to invest on online assessment tools will end up saving more money during the hiring process.

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