Top 10 Features of the American Educational System

“The American education system is failing and we have to do something about that!”

Such warnings have been around since forever. Educators and journalists warn about the dangers of technology in the classroom, decreased attention span, and students getting writing help online.

All these issues are serious and need solutions. However, we mustn’t forget about the things that the American education model got right.

If we take a look at the World University Rankings 2019 list by Times Higher Education, we’ll see seven U.S. universities ranked among the top 10. That impressive American education system ranking has to come from somewhere, don’t you think?

10 Best Things about American Education Services

  • Special Education Is Great

Not all countries around the world can brag about successful special education. The USA can! Students with disabilities aren’t deprived from the education they deserve. They can enter an adapted program that meets their individual needs.

  • Everyone Gets Educated in the USA

Throughout the American education system history, we’ve made a lot of progress. One of the major aspects that make today’s system good is its availability to everyone. People from other countries tend to believe that U.S. education is expensive. It’s not. In fact, all children have the right to free education. It doesn’t matter where they live, how much they can afford to pay, or what social status they have. Even illegal immigrants get free education.

  • Standardized Tests

These scare students, so they jump into the conclusion that the American system is a mess. Standardized tests have a good side: they push students to learn, and they inspire teachers to prepare them better.

  • Homeschooling Is an Option

In the USA, homeschooling is legal, but properly regulated by the states. Parents have the right to choose this model for their children, but they have to make sure the kid gets proper education and passes standardized tests.

  • Academic Writing Is a Big Part of the Schooling System

Yes; we’re mentioning academic writing as a good thing. It’s true that not all students were born to be great assignment writers. It’s true that most will hire EduBirdie when they get stuck with an essay, research paper, case study, or any other project. However, the high standards for academic writing only push students to get better. They explore different topics, do their research, and learn a lot during the process.

Through the practice of academic writing, students are getting better at debating, since the same model of supporting arguments with facts applies there.

  • Online Education Is a Hit

There’s no doubt about the prevalence of online courses in English. American students can access numerous classes for free. They can also enter an online degree program. The system treats these degrees no differently than the ones obtained through on-campus studies.

  • The School Curriculum Is Versatile

This is another thing that people consider a weakness, but is actually an advantage. The U.S. school curriculum includes humanities, literature, arts, and sciences. The students get versatile knowledge across all categories before they make a commitment to a niche.

If you go through the topics by, you’ll realize that American students explore a wide range of issues.

  • The School Counselors Do Their Job

The counselor’s job is to guide the students towards their academic goals and personal development. They evaluate their skills to suggest the best career path for them.

  • The System Is Student-Centric

The American educational model focuses on the student’s individual growth. It offers opportunities for practice and vocational training. When students find their preference, they can get educated for such a career.

  • Many Opportunities Are Available

Let’s say a student from a European country wants to study astronautical engineering. Such a program won’t be available in their country, so they will have to go abroad or study something related, but not the same.

In the USA, people can study anything. There are many universities with all kinds of programs, which meet everyone’s needs.

  • The System Is as Good as Its Students Are

American colleges and universities launched some of the most talented people across industries. They benefited from this educational system because they knew what learning meant for them. They approached their programs with the growth mindset, knowing that if they try harder, they will achieve good results.

This educational system is crafted in a way that pushes students above the average. It provides many opportunities in addition to the standard curriculum. A good learner knows how to benefit from them.

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