Top Reasons to Study History

History as a subject fascinates a lot of people as school students. But then not many of them choose to study it as a major in their graduate school. Most of us find History a boring subject, and this is the reason we prefer to shy away from it. We all know that History as a subject delves into the past of people, places, and empires.

While those who choose to earn a History degree in their graduation are quite clear about the opportunities the subject has to offer to you, there are those who are not quite clear whether to study History or not. Here in this article, we’ll tell you the top reasons to explore history.

1. It helps you get a good understanding of the world
When you study History as a subject, you get the knowledge of how the world used to function when in the past and how it operates now. Being a student of history, you get closer to the events that have happened in the past, and it helps you understand how the things have changed for better since then. It also gives you a comprehensive knowledge of who were the personalities involved in bringing about these changes in the world.

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2. It helps you understand your origins
Since history is a study of the events and transformations that have happened in the past, it helps you know the evolution of the human race since its inception. If you study history, you will get a better understanding of who we are, who were our ancestors, how our culture has evolved over the years, etc. And this knowledge about our inheritance is what fascinates the students of History.

3. It will make you aware of all the cultures
Since history is a study of the past, it is deeply rooted in various cultures existing together in our society. It is a vast subject that covers almost everything that comes under this world since time immemorial. And this is how you get to know how our cultures have evolved over these years and how they exist in harmony with the other cultures. If you study history, you can get to know several things and lesser-known points about the present cultures and those of the past.

4. It makes you a wise person
History is a study of the experiments done in the past. These experiments depict the decisions that our ancestors made in challenging situations. It also talks about the evidence of why our ancestors handled a particular case. The judgments made by our ancestors give us an accurate understanding of the events and helps us develop our decision-making skills. If we can learn the art of analyzing the behavior of our ancestors, we will be in a better situation to make wise decisions.

5. It makes us accept the fact that change is the rule of life
The only constant thing in the world is change. And nothing can teach this better to you than history itself because it is the study of changes that have taken place since ages. When you study history, you get to know how people and communities have changed over time and the reason behind that change. This is what makes you accept change in your own life. Understanding the cultures around you helps you understand the transformation that takes place in the society.

6. It makes you better citizens
We tend to follow our leaders. And history tells us how our leaders lived a discipline and sacrifice. When you read about them, you tend to develop the skills and qualities of a good citizen, and this is where you become good citizens. Also, when you are aware of your roots, and cultures, you come under the category of informed citizens. You can then positively contribute towards the development of your society and nation.

7. It’ll help you grab better career opportunities
The first career that comes to our mind when you think of history is a teacher. But there are several other opportunities waiting for you when you graduate in History. You can go into the research field or involve yourself in the excavation works.

8. It helps you grow & develop into a better person
History gives you a detailed account of how the things unfolded in the past and what were the mistakes that our ancestors did. We then learn not to commit the same errors in our life in similar kind of situations. With this learning from the past, we can move towards a better future, and this is what our growth and development are all about.

9. It is an exciting subject, and gradually you’ll fall in love with it
There’s something about every subject that makes its students fall in love with it. Same is the case with history. It is all about the exciting things that have happened in the past, and this is what students like. Once you are into studying History, you’ll slowly start loving the subject. Moreover, it is your passion for the subject that makes you fall in love with it. So, if you choose to study History, do it with much passion and enthusiasm.

10. It makes you a better student
There is no doubt in the point that History is the study of the past. But then it is also important to understand that it can shape the present and the future as well. When you acquire a balanced understanding of the past as well as the present, you grow into an all-rounder who can tackle all the challenges of life.

So if you are curious about our ancestors, or if you want to know where it all started, then History is the subject for you. All your queries will be answered by this subject and believe us you’ll start loving it. And if you choose to study History, enjoy it to the core, and you’ll find yourself eventually doing what you were supposed to do.

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