Web design the ultimate digital iteration of the storefront window

Web design is, effectively, the ultimate digital iteration of the traditional storefront window. With the rise of the worldwide web came an ongoing surge in the online marketplace (i.e. ecommerce). That surge has resulted in the majority of shopping in this modern world being handled online, for the most part. Consumes used to walk past a store on the street and getting a glimpse into the storefront windows to understand what the business has going on and what it is all about.

Now, modern consumers go to the web address and it lights up, giving a distinct and impressionable idea of what the business has going on and what it is all about. The fact is that, regardless of if you take web design training courses yourself to master their use for your business, or if you hire a professional team dedicated to precisely that cause, web design is more important than ever to any business’ longevity and success. The website has effectively become the modern equivalent of the storefront window – and consumers love it. So, what are the foundations of strong web design?

Ensure fast loading speeds

The loading speeds is one of the most important foundations of strong web design there is. Modern consumers are always on the go, and they expect that the stores they do business with and support to be fast and efficient. The average modern consumer will form a judgement of your website within two seconds of clicking into the website itself. If your website does not load in due time, they are likely to simply click out and look at the competition. That is the reality of the situation, so ensure that your website priorities fast loading speeds across the board.

Less is more

Work with a minimalistic website layout. Rather than getting overexcited and having as much as possible on every inch of every web page on the website, have a clean and sleek layout that is minimalistic. Layer your information and visuals throughout the web pages, paying attention to how and where you place them. Consumers coming to your website will get easily overwhelmed if they find themselves trying to navigate a busy, flashing website. Less is more, so always start with less and work your way up from there. Learning to master the art of calculated minimalism is how your web design skills flourish and thrive.

Mobile ready design

Of course, desktop ready design is important too, but these days, the modern consumer is busier than ever, and thus is always on the go. So, the device they use most often to go through websites and browse the internet is their mobile phones. Therefore, mobile ready design is a foundational web design concept that every single website must be prioritising in their web design process. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to access a website on your phone and having it jump around in a disjointed fashion – you would not like to deal with that, and your consumers do not either. Ensure mobile ready design is integrated wholly.

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