Your Guide to Safest College Campuses in America

Getting into the college of your choice is an important milestone in young people’s lives. Often times, prospective students need to take into account a plethora of factors to make this difficult decision. For no good reason, safety is often disregarded and treated as unimportant when it comes to a college choice. Recent Nuwber research features the safest colleges in America by state. The study shows that colleges with low student count are generally safer. Does this mean you should look at small colleges if safety is crucial to you? Quite possibly. Hower, if a tiny college is not your thing, here are big colleges that made it to the winners’ list:

Liberty University

Liberty University, Virginia started as a private institution (still is). The institution has 17 colleges with different areas of specialization. It is a common opinion that the most-populous colleges have wider course options for their students; Liberty State University agrees to this witness with 600 courses of choice for about 75,044 of their students and prospective applicants. As a Christian institution, morality is strongly preached and security protocols are tight such that they discourage anyone from any form of violence. That makes the institution safe, to a great extent.

Brigham Young University-Idaho

Set in a beautiful and thriving environment, BYU is considered among the top safest colleges in the country with 51,881 enrolled students. The crime rate, impressively, stays at about 0.0082 per thousand; it is one of the best safety records, anywhere. The college’s management has a strict code of conduct; an area much hammered on to new students. Safety is a culture here; just as excellence is. Normal SAT scores are enough to see your application through. The tuition is also affordable by many.

Utah Valley College

This is the institution that holds the heart of Utah Valley. It is the largest public university in the state. It was founded as Central Utah Vocational School in 1941. With a total student population of 37,282, and still growing, Utah Valley College continues to work on developing its safety network right within their various campuses. Paramilitary personnel is available on the campus and other military officials are not afar off; often, they take tours to monitor activities in the college. The institution was commissioned to create an Associate of Applied Science degree. In 2008, the name Utah Valley State College was adopted and the door was opened for students to enroll for Masters degrees. The college continues to strengthen its safety and defense by encouraging police patrol activities on campus, while the school authority manages to curb bad associations.

University of South Texas

The University of South Texas is another peaceful school. It is peaceful, both in the quietness of the environmental aura that surrounds the institution and the administrative implementation of students’ safety. With about 31,321 students, maintaining peace and order is surprisingly easy for the University of South Texas. The academic quality is superb and about 1,600 staff serve the institution and its students across six campuses.

National University

The National University is founded on peace and safety. Established in 1971, the institution is located in La Jolla, California. The laws are quite strict for students when it comes to groups and unions. Hence, other than academic and sports groups, students are careful not to claim to belong to any other group. Safety and security are of top priority in the institution. It is no wonder why many students wanted to be a part of the school until the institution closed the current enrollment after absorbing 17,097 students.

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