10. Argument:

Mann, Pleasant. “Kennedy Recreation Center Helps Shaw Shine.” MidCityDCNews, Capital Community News, www.capitalcommunitynews.com/kennedy-recreation-center-helps-shaw-shine.

This source is talking about how impactful the new Recreation Center has been in the area of Shaw and why it is important that the behaviors that are being learned there continue to occur throughout the current and next generation of kids. The article also backs up these points by pointing out how the Center has had two of its Girl Pom Pom teams become citywide champions and having its boys basketball team place in second. Both of these examples show how much of an impact the center has been making because there have not been any success stories like these happening in Shaw, which shows how the area has been achieving goals that were once thought never to be possible.

I plan to use this source to highlight how impactful the Kennedy Recreation Center has been in the area. I plan to do this by using those success stories that I mentioned above to highlight the feats that are being achieved in the Shaw area. I then plan to connect this all back to the Kennedy Center by discussing how all of these amazing possibilities would not have been possible without the creation of the Center, which brought back a center point of the community that was lost with the destruction of the Kennedy playground.