9. Exhibit:

“Cooperative Play Program – Kennedy Recreation Center.” Department of Parks and Recreation, DC.GOV, 9 Sept. 2013, dpr.dc.gov/event/cooperative-play-program-kennedy-recreation-center.

This source outlines the program that is taking place at the Kennedy Recreation Center. The Cooperative Play Program was designed to teach young children the necessary tools to adequately prepare them for grade school so that they would be able to function on the same level as other kids who were able to get these skills in day care centers. The program was designed to help children from poorer families whose parents could not afford to have their child sent to expensive day care centers where the children would learn how to function in school and social situations while at the same time learning basic educational skills.

I plan to use this source as an exhibit source because I will introduce this program with a brief background on what the program is and what it is meant to do. After the explanation, I plan to then discuss how this program is connecting to the theme that I mentioned how the Center is becoming a place that is a center for the people in Shaw to become a better place by having better-educated children and programs that will promote behaviors that help the community rather than causing more issues.