The purpose of this site was to go into the city of D.C. to analyze different areas in the city to examine to built environments that have been constructed there. Our inspiration to pick sites throughout the D.C. area came from the book S Street Rising by Ruben Castenada. My area was the intersection of O Street NW and 5th Street NW. This area was significant because a shooting once took place there, and I wanted to see if the area had changed at all or if it still remained an area where gangs, violence, and drugs thrived. Upon arriving at the site, I noticed the dramatic change had taken place over the past several decades, and the Shaw area had become a thriving area for business and people. However, as I did more research I began to realize that this was due to the effects of gentrification. The effects of that research on the area can be found in my O Street: Once the Site of Urban Decay Now the Site of Revitalization page. I also did research on two other locations in the area. First was the Kennedy Recreation Center where I examined this prominent aspect to the community, and its impact on the area. I also researched The Springfield Baptist Church where I examined its impact and message to the community. For the church, I did something a little bit different than the first two. I only looked at their digital information to see how this church was not only making its presence known physical but digitally as well. Eventually, all the research had culminated into my final product where I examined the Shaw district as a whole and the impacts of gentrification on the area. I examined how it impacted the people, homes, and businesses of the area, but I also looked at why this event had been taking place in Shaw and what were the forces driving this change. All of this work can be found in my The Shaw District: Gentrification in the Heart of D.C. piece. Thank you for consideration to examine my work. Please leave any comments or feedback to where you think I should reevaluate or that you think I did well on.