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What this site is all about

The purpose of this site was to go into the city of D.C. to analyze different areas in the city to examine to built environments that have been constructed there. Our inspiration to pick sites throughout the D.C. area came from… Continue Reading →

The Shaw District: Gentrification in the Heart of D.C.

The Shaw area was once known throughout Washington D.C. as a place where gang violence and drug deals took place; however, the neighborhood has seen a remarkable reversal. After years of progress and change, the Shaw district has become a… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Entry 7

“[A]n education [. . .] that was designed to support a truly direct, deliberative democracy [. . .] would be an education oriented to the ‘strong publics’ of decision-making rather than the ‘weak publics’ of opinion formation.” (205) The concept… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book Entry 6

Original Sentence: Each one of these diverse groups has differences from every other group, but at the same time, they are still connected since they are all in the same city. Revised Version: Every group is different, but they are… Continue Reading →

Making a Society that Does Not See Gender

In “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” Suzanne Tick argues that changing gender roles and social revolutions should continue because the workplace still has significant amounts discrimination against people who do not fit into societal normalities across the… Continue Reading →

Evolving the College Campus

In “Recognizing Campus Landscapes as Learning Spaces,” Kathleen Scholl and Gowri Gulwadi argue that college campuses should be integrated and open for students by having new teaching environments implemented to create an effective balance between traditional learning and these new… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book Entry 5

“Shall Property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?” Shall property owned by the University be exempt? The… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book Entry 4

The sign is stating in itself that this bathroom is open for use by anyone regardless of whatever gender they claim to be. It also says that this change may feel uncomfortable for some people, but they ask people to try… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book Entry 3

“It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius The root of the sentence is you do not stop The other words in the sentence are being used to convey not only… Continue Reading →

The Art of Subtle Segregation

In “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination And Segregation Through Physical Design Of The Built Environment” by Sarah Shindler, she states that in society many of the things people interact with are made to segregate the undesirable or unwanted people from the view… Continue Reading →

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