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Digital Accessibility and Inclusivity: Supporting Values of the New Community Church

The official website of the New Community Church, similar to the design of the exterior and interior of the building itself, radiates the same welcoming, inclusive features. These features include the accessibility of the site and its content, the type of imagery used, and the general layout. The New Community Church continued to use their original version of the site in the hopes of maintaining their inclusive, inviting image to people not only through the building’s structure, but on the internet as well.

Finding, accessing, and navigating the website and its content took a minimal amount of effort due to how easy it was to locate, leading me to believe it is a very inviting setting. Because of the sense of invitation I felt from standing outside the church and being inside, I did not expect the website to be challenging to look through. I typed “New Community Church, Shaw DC” in the search bar and immediately the official website appears as the first result. Clicking the link brought me to a page introducing the church and their values and goals. Many other websites ask that you enter a username and password which inevitably causes the feeling of exclusiveness. The NCC website did not insist either because they are open to the public and anyone who wants to get involved with the church.

Through the imagery displayed on the website, one could understand the involving, inclusive image being kept up by the NCC. Searching through the different categories, I noticed the site’s photographs displayed what looks like friendly, diverse groups of people participating in different activities. Children, adults, and senior citizens all make appearances in the different images playing musical instruments, praying, and painting together.

By adding these pictures in such an open, easily accessible place, I can infer their purpose is to proceed to advertise their inviting, inclusive environment.  

The layout of the website itself is informal, just like the building design, further expressing their value of acceptance. Creating a website that is not professional gives other people who come across it the idea that there are no specific standards or requirements they need to reach to be accepted. I strongly believe that this was the intent of its informality. The font of the writing is very basic and easy to read. The heading for all of the pages is “New Community Church” and below it is the information regarding whatever category you click. At the bottom of every page, they provide their address, phone number, and email address. In its simplicity, the church’s website has provided me and most likely others, with the comfort that no matter what age, race, or who we are as people, we can be accepted by this organization.

Not only does the New Community Church make their goals clear through the architecture of the building, but through their official online site as well. With these features of the church’s website, I am able to further conclude the accepting, inclusive values of they have and succeed to portray.

“About Me”

Hello, my name is Emily Gross and I’m an 18 year old girl trying to thrive in my college writing course by posting assignments on this website. I was born in China and raised in Manhattan, New York. Manhattan is my home and although I’ve lived there my whole life, I continue to be infatuated with just how amazing one place can be. I’m currently attending school at American University in Washington, DC with a major in Psychology and a minor in Marketing. My academic career is immensely important to me and I take my work very seriously because I know how important these four years are in determining my future. Aside from academics, I have skills in sports such as soccer, volleyball, and tennis. This semester, I wanted to focus solely on my school work, but from next semester on, I plan to join the volleyball team and engage in Greek Life. I’m obsessed with talking and I’m always willing to try new things whenever opportunities arise. 13411704_1202438313124449_5345538165253219867_o

Prepositions, Linking Verbs, Action Verbs

In this article, Schindler provides us, the readers, with theories, practices, and geographical locations of barriers that support her main goal of persuading us to believe underlying racial barriers exist in urban settings and describing to us how they are used to exclude certain people. In this analysis, I am going to analyze the way in which she is able to use examples to persuade us as well as her citations and occasional contradicting arguments.

Fixed sentence:
Schindler supports her goal of persuading us to believe racial barriers that exclude certain people exist through theories, practices, and geographical locations of barriers. Specific examples, citations, and contradicting arguments are used to convince us.

Prepositions: “locations of barriers” , “exist in urban settings” , “used to exclude” , “as well as her citations”
Linking verbs: “Schindler provides us” . “barriers that support her main goal” , “racial barriers exist in urban settings” , “I am going to analyze” , “She is able to use…”
Action verbs: “provides” , “support” , “persuading” , “believe” , “exist” , “describing” , “exclude” , “going” , “analyze” , “use