“About Me”

Hello, my name is Emily Gross and I’m an 18 year old girl trying to thrive in my college writing course by posting assignments on this website. I was born in China and raised in Manhattan, New York. Manhattan is my home and although I’ve lived there my whole life, I continue to be infatuated with just how amazing one place can be. I’m currently attending school at American University in Washington, DC with a major in Psychology and a minor in Marketing. My academic career is immensely important to me and I take my work very seriously because I know how important these four years are in determining my future. Aside from academics, I have skills in sports such as soccer, volleyball, and tennis. This semester, I wanted to focus solely on my school work, but from next semester on, I plan to join the volleyball team and engage in Greek Life. I’m obsessed with talking and I’m always willing to try new things whenever opportunities arise. 13411704_1202438313124449_5345538165253219867_o

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