It is important that the New Community Church, a place of accepting and inclusive values, is a physically welcoming place in order to make everyone feel more integrated with a gentrifying community like Shaw, DC. This project describes the rhetorical way in which different groups of people view the gentrification of the Shaw area and how the physical attributes of the church contribute to the inclusiveness of the area. In writing my final analysis, I paid close attention to mainly the exterior and interior built environment as well as the digital aspect of the church (its official website). Due to their inviting features such as their open gate, homelike interior, and easy to navigate website, many people can agree that the church is a welcoming place. Although this may be true for some, everybody has different perspectives and opinions. The whole point of writing about my built environment rhetorically is to examine the different arguments people made that differed from the ones that I made. This gives the readers a conversation to read and a better understanding of why the topic being argued is important.

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