About Me

Hi! My name is Elaina Weinberg and I am a dedicated and driven student of International Studies at American University (AU) in Washington, DC. AU has allowed me to explore my academic interests in counterterrorism, U.S. foreign policy, and the Middle East. I am currently working on my capstone paper on drones as a counterterrorism measure and the countermeasures utilized by terrorist organizations to avoid drone strikes and surveillance. I have not only gained essential research and writing skills from American University, but I have also gained essential tools for a career in public service and US foreign policy.

Prior to my studies at AU, I spent a year studying in Jerusalem, Israel through the study abroad program: Kivunim. During my time in Israel, I studied Hebrew and Arabic and took classes that explored the political landscape of the Middle East. My time in Israel was invaluable and allowed me to gain a new perspective and understanding of some of the contentious issues in the Middle East. Through the Kivunim, I also had the incredible opportunity to travel around the world, learning first hand about the culture and history of 12 different countries.

These academic and travel experiences, along with my previous internship experiences, have given me the tools and knowledge to begin my career in the international relations field. I hope to dedicate my career to understanding and ultimately defeating violent extremist organizations and protecting US National Security.

Please check out my resume and work samples to learn more about me!

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