Annotated Bibliography #3 and #4

“Warner Theatre.” Warner Theatre, Live Nation Worldwide,

Joining the conversations on the transformation of the Warner Theatre, the Warner Theatre’s website section “Venue Info” gives a brief history of the theatre’s evolution. In particular, the website discusses the name change and how the theatre was originally a restaurant and ballroom. Moreover, the website discusses how the Earle switched to exclusively movies in 1945 and one of the owners, Harry Warner, changed the name of the theatre to the “Warner.” As technologies changed and the Warner adjusted to new entertainment trends, the theatre started to show Cinerama movies. In the early 1970’s, the theatre struggled to stay open and even showed pornographic movies. Luckily, the theatre got back on it’s feet in the mid 1970’s and had many famous performing artists grace it’s stage. He argues that the renovations in the 1990’s helped revive the importance of downtown D.C. This short article was written factually and helped the readers understand the historical importance of the Warner Theatre. The website successfully depicts the evolution of the theatre and what/who influenced the changes.

This source helps give me some more unknown background about the theatre. I plan to use this source to help back up my paper from a historical perspective. This short overview of the Warner Theatre’s evolution gave some information I wasn’t aware of about the theatre, like how much they struggled in the 70’s. This simple summary would be helpful with comparing other historical resources. This source seems like the most accurate representation of the Warner’s history due to it being on their website.

“THE WARNER BUILDING | Vornado Realty Trust.” Vornado, Vornado Realty Trust,

Joining the conversation on the interior and exterior of the Warner Theatre, Vornado Realty Trust’s website, describes the basic significance behind the building. According the realty company, the venue was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. Moreover, the exterior has been complimented by many architects and has won awards for their infrastructure and design from many organizations. The website argues that you can see Freedom Plaza and the White House from the rooftop terrace. Lastly, the overview of the property tells us what amenities are there, which include an on-site eat-in restaurant and an ATM.

This source is trying to make the Warner Theatre seem appealing to potential buyers of the venue. I plan to use this source in my paper to describe the area surrounding the theatre and how that made the theatre the place it is today. This overview on the Vornado Realty Trust website helps citizens and potential clients get a better understanding of the neighborhood and appeal of the site.

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