Extra Stuff: Poll regarding the entertainment industry


Here are the results for age and gender

I wanted to better understand my colleagues opinions on the entertainment industry, so I created a poll. My location is the Warner Theatre for our semester long project and I wanted to create this poll to ask my friends simple questions about theatre and music as a whole. I asked the basic questions of gender and age and then asked more complex questions like “do you think concert venues create safe spaces?” I got over 100 responses from a range of ages and genders. My responses were mostly from females in the 16-21 age range. By conducting this survey, I realized how many people listen to music all the time, like myself. Over 90% of my survey takers believed that the entertainment industry is important to society’s development and that detail confirms that the Warner Theatre’s presence has benefitted many people. This poll helped me get a better understanding of how important the entertainment industry is to human development.

The results were very mixed

The last question’s results were very mixed and surprised me. I thought most people would say no to the fact that concert venues create safe spaces, but 38% said maybe. I’ve been in a range venues that have made me feel safe, for example I recently went to SongByrd to see Princess Nokia and the space was filled with women and we all prayed together. But there have been other times where I felt unsafe, like when I saw the Misfits at Oakland Metro Opera House and some dude tried to sexually grab me and I immediately left the venue.

Here’s the poll if you’d like to take it!


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