Commonplace #9: “Firefly” by Mura Masa ft. Nao

This week, I chose to focus on a different genre of music I usually do. “Firefly” by Mura Masa combines an R&B artist with a EDM beat and creates a beautiful melody.

“Pavement’s turning into gold
And it’s risin’ up into my eyes
Up on my back I feel the static more
Tripping the wire, surrounded in time
I see this as mystical
I’m sure that you know
I see this as mystical
I’m sure that you know”

This song stuck out to me due to the imagery and simplicity in the lyrics. The imagery within “Firefly” creates a trippy visual and paints a picture of two people in a metaphysical world. Nao‘s syntax builds up throughout the song and ties back to one another after. She discusses a “staticness” in the first stanza and last stanza. Her form of dialect is informal and contributes to the carefree vibe of the song. Nao’s grammar isn’t proper and relies a bit on slang, but uses some complex words here and there. For example, I rarely have heard the words “mystical” or “static” used in a electronica song. The funky beat using a xylophone and snapping got my attention and compliments the lyrics extremely well. Most EDM songs rely on basic themes like love and relationships and this song falls into that category. The message of the song is trying to get across someone’s feelings to another and how they really want them in their lives.

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