EXTRA STUFF: Course Concepts

The course concepts of this class relay on the idea that “college writing courses offer a core set of skills and experiences, emphasizing both continual practice and increasing complexity of reading and writing assignments.” While taking this college writing section, I bettered my abilities in analyzing texts, how to effectively evaluate sources, and have new ways of researching. This class taught me the importance of rhetoric and opened my eyes to how authors use it in a range of different ways. Through the reading analyses, annotated bibliographies, various assignments, and commonplaces, I learned about my own reading style, how to evaluate the credibility of sources, and solidified my editing skills.

Here is a picture of Lana Del Rey with the same look as The Weeknd for his single “Star Boy”

My favorite assignment this semester were the commonplaces. Through the commonplaces, I learned a new way of dissecting text and got a better understanding of lyrics (I usually looked at a song I was heavily listening to that week). The commonplaces were a rigorous way to examine the words and thoughts of musicians, while contrasting the lyrics with the beats and overall vibe of the song. My dream goal is to work at a music label and this class helped me work on my skills of writing and thinking critically about music. For example, this Fader article showcases Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd’s new song in a very analytical way and I hope to write similar things like this in the future on a larger, public scale.



“Stargirl (Feat. Lana Del Rey).” Coverlandia, Coverlandia, coverlandia.net/sites/default/files/styles/music_artwork_page/public/artworks/music/122991479465827.png?itok.

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