Extra Reading Annotations

I chose this photo of Lil Peep because I like his look in it and his tattoos aren’t the main subject.

I was scouting the net for new music this week, and I stumbled upon a somewhat familiar name, Lil Peep.



I found two interesting articles written about him and annotated the articles using Zotero. These two articles stuck out to me due to their usage of commas and the way the authors were able to conduct interviews. I pointed out a lot of usages of semicolons and commas. Both of these articles relied a lot on image to help us visual Lil Peep and his vibes. Through annotating these articles, I got a better understanding of the writer’s rhetoric and have more knowledge on Lil Peep. Also, annotating these articles made me realize how badly I want to write stuff like this and get to meet artists. This assignment inspired me to start my own blog this summer, interview local artists and using my photography skills to create an interactive website.

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