EXTRA STUFF: Individual Office Hours

Today, I came into office hours to discuss my annotated bibliographies and final project. Professor Hoskins was late, and I was the third person in line. I waited a while, but it was very much worth it.

I got a better understanding of what I was missing from the annotated bibliographies and now understand the idea of the “single author template.” I need to go back and look at my reading analyses and write more precisely for the annotated bibliographies. My annotated bibliographies did stronger opening sentences and more solid descriptions of the authors opinions.

I explained to Professor Hoskins my dilemma for my final project. I have a lot of footage and historical knowledge of the Warner Theatre, but I’m struggling to find my main idea for the project. For my final project, I think I’m going to look at the way the Warner Theatre plays a role in the racial evolution of D.C. I’m going to create a video and a big map of D.C. linking all the theatres. My topos will be race and I will explore in a historical light through multiple media outlets.

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