Annotated Bibliography 9 & 10

Cengage, Gale.“D.C.’s Downtown Lights up with Warner Theatre’s Revival.” The Free Library, The Free Library ,’s+downtown+lights+up+with+Warner+Theatre’s+revival.-a012839535.

Joining the conversation on the reopening of the Warner Theatre, Gale Cengage’s article discusses the historical theatre’s renovations. In particular, Cengage pointed out the $220 million dollar remodel that took 6 years to execute. Moreover, on opening night in 1992, Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine performed. Additionally, an office space was built attached to the theatre to try and generate new revenue. According to the author, the Warner is one of the seven historical sites that have received a restoration recently. She compares the Greyhound Bus Station and The Warner Theatre, stating that both of their original buildings were then-modern technology and the new buildings still utilizes those design ideas from the early 1920’s and late 1930’s.

Special, Keith. “Legendary Rock Group Heads to D.C.” Fairfax County Times, Fairfax County Times, 11 Aug. 2016, 

Cengage’s article discusses the renovations of the theatre in 1990 from a design standpoint. Her knowledge on the price helps the audience get a better idea of how important the space is to the city and historically speaking. This article is helpful to my research because it talks about the space in a more modern time, while most of the resources out date back to the 70’s and 80’s. I will use this article to further my research on how the renovations changed the building culturally and through the interior.

Here is a picture of the current members of YES

Joining the conversation on older bands reuniting and performing at the Warner Theatre, Keith Special discusses the notable band YES‘s upcoming performance at the theatre. In particular, Special points out that the band formed in 1968 and is now back on tour. Moreover, tons of fans will flock to this tour and many will attend the D.C. show due to their past performances in the DMV area. According to Special, the band has performed at the Warner Theatre before. He argues that the tour will be successful due to their track record and how YES has been deemed rock and roll royalty.

Keith Special’s article aims to promote the band YES’s reunion tour and how they will still bring in crowds due to their past popularity. This article is helpful for my research because it’s another example of a band performing at the Warner theatre in an almost 30 year time difference, showing the Warner’s current influence on the music scene.


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