EXTRA STUFF: As we reach the end of the semester…

The semester is basically finished and I am surprised by how much my writing abilities have grown in this class. At the beginning of this semester, I had only written one annotated bibliography in my life. I was already a pretty critical writer but my abilities have grown and I feel like the reading analyses really helped. Overall, I feel like my grammar skills improved as well. For example, I learned how to use transitional words a lot better and how to use commas and semicolons effectively. This class did involve a lot of technology, which I was overwhelmed with at first, but now I know it’s useful in this day and age. I did enjoy using multimedia on my site and can’t wait to incorporate that into upcoming projects. I am prepared to show off my critical reading and writing abilities in all aspects of my life now. Overall, I feel like this class opened up my eyes to D.C. in a way new, expanded my critical thinking abilities, and scored me an internship at the Warner Theatre! Unfortunately, I do not feel like my current grade represents how I performed in this class though.

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