EXTRA STUFF: Lamar jacking Mars loop (related to Commonplace #14)



Here is a picture of Kendrick Lamar (left) and Bruno Mars (right)

About a week ago, I wrote a commonplace on Kendrick Lamar’s song “LOYALTY.” ft. Rihanna. In this certain commonplace, I discussed how Kendrick sampled from the same beat in Bruno Mars song “24k Magic.” A few days ago, VICE released an article discussing how Kendrick stole the loop from his billboard 100 hit single. In Phil Witmer’s short article “Here’s How to Recreate the Smart-as-Hell Sampling from Kendrick’s “LOYALTY.” Witmer points out how Lamar’s producers warped the loop and created something a little different, but also extremely similar. Moreover, he links to a video demonstrating the breakdown of how the producers switched up the loop.

I thought this was extremely interesting because I brushed past the similarities, thinking this loop had already been created. Some big name artists (like Kanye) have pulled their beats from unpopular artists before, but I am baffled that an artist worth millions of dollars stole a loop from another famous musician.

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