Built Environment Project

For my college writing class this semester, I chose to research the Warner Theatre and become essentially an expert on it’s history. I picked the Warner Theatre due to it’s diversity in performances and prime location. I’ve read countless articles, books, and even had the opportunity to talk to some people who work there about the D.C. landmark and it’s evolution. I visited the space about 4 times and was able to venture into the theatre even though there weren’t any shows. Overall, I had an amazing time learning about the Warner Theatre and it’s unique influence on D.C.’s entertainment industry. For my final project, I chose to focus on it’s history through a racial lens and discuss it’s exterior and interior. Lastly, I may even be working there this summer and that would not have been remotely possible without this class!

Below are the links to connect my project’s multiple layers. Please enjoy and comment!

Commonplace Book

Reading Analyses

Digital Archives

Annotated Bibliographies

Project: Rhetorical Analysis of Text 

Project: The Warner Theatre: How Racial Relations Effected the Historical Theatre

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