Sample of Leadership Experiences

  1. Independent Film Production
    • Moondogs – A Short Film
    • November of 2018 – Present
    • Serving as a producer for Moondogs Film, a female-lead independent short focusing on the unique ways that womxn come-of-age in contemporary America and the importance of reproductive healthcare.
    • Organized and learned about taking initiative in the realm of filmmaking — adapting to new work environments and transferring skills that I’ve learned in nonprofit and political advocacy to collaborative art forms.
  2. Community Documentary / Class Assignment
    • Documentary Production: Thelma Jones Community Documentary
    • Spring of 2019
    • Spent the semester engaging in a community-based form of documentary production in which the typical ethics of filmmaking are examined and reconstructed to be a collaboration between community advocates and student filmmakers. Aided other student filmmakers in their projects and worked closely with multiple members of the DC community to tell their stories.
    • Directed a short documentary with Thelma Jones, using her personal story to shed light on the inequities in Cancer services for low-income communities of color within the District of Columbia.
  3. Conference / Volunteering
    • Story Movements 2019 by Center for Media and Social Impact
    • March 11-13, 2019
    • Volunteered at the annual conference that examines platforms and genres of civic media storytelling through the lens of social justice and social inequality.
    • Engaged with industry professionals, journalists, and storytellers who are currently paving a path to merge new media with a social conscience — tuning elevator pitches and improving networking skills.
  4. Research Presentation
    • CLEG Capstone Presentation
    • November 21, 2019
    • Presented, with a group of my peers, the culmination of my senior capstone research on the Trump Administration’s Family Separation policy — diving into the historical, political, legal, and economic frameworks of this practice while particularly focusing on the communication tactics of nationalism and its domestic implications.
    • Improved my teamwork and public speaking skills.
  5. Event Organization
    • Democracy Now! Volunteer Appreciation Day
    • April 23, 2018
    • Independently organized and executed a development-focused event at the independent media organization, Democracy Now!, to celebrate and encourage the local volunteer base that often help with studio tasks and events across the city.
    • Successfully planned an event from start to end, using many teamwork and problem-solving skills to bring over 25 volunteers to the Studio for a morning with the producers, breakfast, and conversation about the meaning and importance of independent media.
  6. Student Radio
    • Homeward Sound on Fresh Air Edinburgh
    • Fall of 2017
    • Developed and hosted my own weekly radio show called Homeward Sound, on which I would have different guests every week and interview them about the music that they associate with home. Won the award of Edinburgh Student Radio Best New Show in 2018.
    • Learned about the process of interviewing and broadcasting on radio stations, creating content that goes deeper into the social implications of music and developing a weekly product that was shared across the campus.
  7. Social Action Project
    • Expanding Empathy: A Social Action Project on the Narratives of Incarceration
    • September 2016 – May 2017
    • Spearheaded an individual social action project investigating the dehumanization of incarcerated individuals and their relationship to higher educational institutions. Having developed skills in research and grant writing, the culmination of this project resulted in the establishment of an on-campus club with 20 undergraduate and graduate students, Collective Justice, as well as a criminal justice symposium themed around Expanding Empathy featuring prominent advocates such as Malcolm Young of Project New Opportunity and Chandra Bozelko from Prison Diaries.
    • Used the mixture of critical thinking, research and planning, communication skills and public speaking to bring this project to fruition.
  8. Published Poetry
    • Bleak house Publishing and AmLit Literary Magazine
    • Spring of 2016 and Fall of 2018, respectively
    • Wrote and had published three works of poetry that reflected on social issues such as incarceration, public service and the bond of motherhood in a patriarchal society.
    • Discovered and explored new mediums of social change, employing communication and analytical skills to new and unconventional outlets.