American University College Writing 101 Spring 2017

Reading Analysis 6

In her article “His and Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” author Suzanne Tick writes about how today’s designers are changing fashion in the wake of a post-gender society. Clothing is becoming more androgynous – staple pieces like coats, shirts, and even some beauty lines are being made to appeal to both male and female customers. Although Tick keeps her personal opinion to herself, she seems to be on the pro side of the gender revolution. She begins by introducing her argument and giving background on the subject: “We are living in a time of gender revolution. Traditional masculine and feminine roles are being challenged…Identity is no longer clearly defined as female or male, but by increasingly visible manifestations of sexuality or lack thereof.” Tick then goes on to give a bit of background history on our modern society, saying that traditionally we were rooted in Modernism (an idea that basically explains how society was structured in the 1950’s).

About halfway through the article, Tick explains that we’re coming up on a new wave of feminism (with leaders being Beyoncé, Emma Watson, and other proud feminists). This leads into her explanation of transgender people and children in the workforce and school becoming more commonplace. Years ago, a woman dressing as a man or a man dressing as a woman would stand out and send red flags. Today, however, that occurance may not even get a second look. Tick ends her article saying “In our post-gender world, masculine and feminine definitions are being switched and obscured. But this is an essentially human phenomenon, and we need to design for the accumulation of different human beings who are out there by being respectful to individual needs, and creating environments in which people can have their own individuality.” This is her final push to prove her argument: people’s opinions are changing, society is changing, and fashion is beginning to reflect that.

(Click on the picture above to see an article about Jaden Smith’s ideas on androgyny. He’s currently leading a campaign for Louis Vuitton which features men and women wearing traditionally women’s pieces, like skirts.)

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