American University College Writing 101 Spring 2017

E = Egotistical

Many believe that those who actually reside in Georgetown have a larger than life ego about it. It is an expensive area, home to notable people, and the neighborhood itself is known around the world. When the crack epidemic hit Washington, D.C. (as chronicled in David Fleming’s S Street Rising), Georgetown was unaffected. Washington is a relatively small area, and the fact that people in Georgetown were unaffected really does show how much of a bubble it can be. Crack addicts and prostitution was happening just down the road, and Georgetown had no idea.

Restaurants can charge $9 for a smoothie or bowl of ice cream and still ask for a tip. People will pay obscene prices for an hour-long parking spot. Where it costs $7 to get my eyebrows threaded in Dupont, Georgetown salons can ask for upwards of $20. Perhaps the reason Georgetown can be so expensive is because of its fame. Like celebrities and their brands, slap the name ‘Georgetown’ on something and raise its value. One can liken the reputation and ego that Georgetown is and has in Washington as Beverly Hills in LA. I mean, just read this ad to live in a waterfront penthouse: It’s even called “Life At The Top.”

However, this is (as most descriptions are these days) a stereotype. Not all Georgetownians have big egos, but they all are proud to be from Georgetown. Georgetown University (and Georgetown in general) is portrayed to many similar to how Harvard is portrayed in Good Will Hunting.


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