American University College Writing 101 Spring 2017

E = Exterior

Anyone visiting Georgetown can see that it has a unique collection of buildings that line its cobblestone streets. Most notably, the shops along M Street. Along with that is the PNC Bank, a shining beacon to all who venture the the corner of M and Wisconsin. These buildings – the exterior of Georgetown – are what gives it such a unique look compared to anywhere else in the world.

Because a picture speaks a thousand words, here are a collection of photographs I took of the unique architecture:

“Georgetown Row” Taken on iPhone 7

“Georgetown in Lights” Taken on iPhone 7

“View of Patagonia from the Canal” Taken on iPhone 7

“M Street at Dusk” Taken on iPhone 7

“In a Row” Taken on iPhone 7

“M Street” Taken on iPhone 7

“PNC Bank” Taken on iPhone 7

“View of Wisconsin Ave” Taken on iPhone 7

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