American University College Writing 101 Spring 2017

O = Omnivorous

The only other reason someone would visit Georgetown (besides shopping and a historical tour) is for the food scene. Georgetown is home to so many cafés, diners, restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, specialty desserts, and markets that no resident could ever go hungry (unless they’re unwilling to pay the high prices). Some say there are two kinds of people in the world: those who prefer Georgetown Cupcakes and those who prefer Baked and Wired. The upside to GC is that they have a tv show on TLC, and there’s a one to one cake-icing ratio. The downside is that there’s always a line out the door no matter what time or day of the week you go and the cupcakes are relatively small. The upside to B&W is that the cupcakes are huge and the place itself is a pretty-well-kept local secret. However, if you’re a fan of frosting, you may not be satisfied enough with a B&W cupcake.

Besides cupcakes, Georgetown has done a really good job with having a variety of international restaurants. There’s American, Austrian, Belgian, Caribbean, Chinese, Ethiopian, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mexican, Persian, South East Asian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, and that’s just the beginning. There’s chains, like Johnny Rockets and Clyde’s, and there’s mom and pop places, like The Sovereign and Kingbird. There’s just as many restaurants as stores, if not more. For the complete list of eateries, click here.

“South Block Smoothie” Taken on iPhone 7

“Baked and Wired” Taken on iPhone 7

“South Block Açai Bowl” Taken on iPhone 7

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