American University College Writing 101 Spring 2017

O = Ornamentation

Georgetown, if not first a neighborhood, is known as a shopping district. I know ‘ornamentation’ is a bit of a stretch, but what is clothing if not a selection of ornaments for our bodies? Georgetown has everything from low priced department or thrift stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Buffalo Exchange, to high end stores only its wealthiest visitors could afford, like All Saints, Rag & Bone, and Alice and Olivia, and everything in between. Because of this large, inclusive price gap, many visitors are drawn to come to Georgetown when on the hunt for clothing and accessories. There’s also a wide range of styles, making Georgetown a place for everyone to find something that works for them. Here is a list of all the stores. With 14 pages of information, there’s a lot to see and come back to in Georgetown!

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