American University College Writing 101 Spring 2017


RA 4: Fleming 3.8

In his book City of Rhetoric, author David Fleming argues that our built environment is influenced by and influences the rhetoric surrounding it. Throughout the book and his research he shares different examples and his reasoning, but it’s in the final chapters where…
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Annotated Bibliography 5&6

5. Argument Fandos, Nicholas. “At 2 Georgetown Cemeteries, History in Black and White.”ProQuest Central, Oct 20, 2016, http://search.proquest.com.proxyau.wrlc.org/central/docview/1830607538/75479F516EF347F0PQ/1?accountid=8285. This New York Times article, “At 2 Georgetown Cemeteries, History in Black and White,” was recently written about Mount Zion, a run-down black…
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